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St Petersburg White Days and Nights by Trans Siberian Railway

This special departure is designed to be in St Petersburg for the Russian New Year. Meet (Ded Moroa) Father Frost and his granddaughter assistant (Snegurochka) the snow girl!

Journey the length of the world's greatest train journey with scenery from a Dr Zhivago movie! Your train is warm and snug and the winter scenes you will experience are probably far removed from your normal environment. See the largest fresh water lake in the world frozen, you can even walk on it! Try ice fishing, or take a siberian husky dog sled ride!

Arrive in Moscow and see the New Year lights of Red Square. Then on to spectacular St Petersburg for the actual New Year night. We include a special dinner and you can also witness the fireworks if you wish. New Year is treated like our Christmas The decorated tree ia called 'Novogodnaya Yolka' which is topped with a bright star and decorated with various sweets.

Special departure starts Beijing 10 December 2015

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