Iran the land of the Peacock Throne- or something else?.

Iran is still in the news. Find out all about what they are talking about!





Tours - By Destination

Central Asia:
Silk Road Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Kazakhstan

Follow in the footsteps of the trade caravans of old. Learn what 'Plov' is really all about! Travel by luxury private train.

Southwest Minority Tribal Groups

Yunnan province and neighbouring areas are home to a culturally rich and vibrant collection of ethnic groups. The physical scenery matches the vibrancy of these people

Shangri La Golden Triangle and Mekong River
An extensive tour to Yunnan province culminating with a special boat trip down the Mekong passing Laos and Myanmar ending in Thailand.

Shangri La to Pandas
Travel overland from Kunming via Dali and Lijiang to Shangri La. Then over the Eastern Himalaya to Chengdu the home of Panda breeding.

Overland Kunming Shangri La Dali to Lhasa Tibet
Get well and truly off the beaten track in Tibet’s remote and stunningly picturesque Kham region on this cross-country exploration of the historic Lhasa Kunming tea route into the headwaters of the Mekong and Salween rivers.

Great Wall of China Trekking
Hike along one of great man made wonders of the ancient world. Wonder at the engineering and sympathise with the efforts people went to to build this wall.


Cuban culture and music tour and if you can Cuba before KFC!!

To say Cuba is changing following normalisation of diplomatic relationships with the U.S. is an understatement. Music is an all prevasive feature of Cuban life. It oozes from everywhere. Add in the ancient city architecture. the 1950's cars and you have, for short time, a step back in time. Our music tour is an extension to the Jamaican music tour. Private tours can be arranged.


Rome Italy : Private touring option for this eternal city..
A suggested programme, but you can tailor to suit.


Individual trekking package for the Zagoria region of Greece.

Mountain villages. Restored Stone House hotel. Vikos Gorge. Local cuisine.

Group Tour - Shiraz Isfahan - culture, cuisine, music beauty and controversy.

Join us on this unique opportunity with our set date small group tour.

Private Tour - Iran trek Highlands and Villages.

Departs any day. A very different view of Iran. It is rare to trek into these regions.

Private Tour - A Taste of Persia.

Departs any day. Comprehensive look at the classics of Iran with some of our own additions.


Rajasthan International Indian Music Festival Jodhpur:
The famed RIFF Festival of Indian music explores the classic folk music as well as a more modern World Music approach. Top Indian and guest international performers all staged at the famed historical fort!!

Gypsy Flamenco and Rajastani Music Festival Jodhpur:
This special festival combines Spanish Flamenco with its own Indian roots in Rajastan. A very dfferent theme and some of the most vibrant and enegetic dancing you will see on an Indian stage!f

Group Tour - SUMFEST Music festival. Tropical Island and reggae culkture.

Join us on this unique opportunity small group tour.


Japan - flavour of the decade and more affordable than in the past. A land of deep history (controversial and enlightening), a unique cuisine and art style all contained within a small land mass with diverse topography.


Laos Mekong River Cruise :
Go behind the bamboo curtain to Laos and cruise on small boutique boat.

Rarely visited North Laos Mekong River. Remote, stunning, rewarding and relaxing.


Wild lanscapes and unique culture. Contrast modern Ulaan Bataar with modern day nomads.
Follow in the footsteps of 100's of years of tradition and absorb part of the Eagle Huntress story.


Our 15 day independent itinerary in Morocco starts and finishes in Casablanca. 
Includes visits to Meknes, Fes, Merzouga, Marrakech and more with your own private driver/guide.


A Journey to Salalah and the Empty Quarter.
Retrace 'some' of the footsteps of Thesiger


Moscow Golden Ring St Petersburg
Designed to sample the rich colour (historical and autumnal) of this corner of Russia. Ideal for aficionados of Russian literature.

Winter in Russia with the New Year season
What better place to experience the winter of movies and novels! After your own Christmas enjoy the Russian equivalent which is New Year - double shot!

Private Trans Siberian and Mongolian Railway Tour
A journey on the legendary Trans Siberian Railroad is one of the last great travel adventures in our world. Set this dream of a lifetime on the tracks with this Private Train.

Trans Siberian railway (Standard train) Guided Summer tours via Mongolia.
Long days, summer colours. From the footpaths of Beijing to the cobble stones of St Petersburg. Join our guided group tour.

Uzbekistan Central Asia:
Silk Road country of Uzbekistan

The magical names of Tashkent, Samarkand, Kiva and Bukhara! Travel by private train.


Blues Jazz and bit of Soul Music Tour
Explore the cradles of blues, jazz and soul which led to today's modern music.