Paul Ryan

Paul, born and bred in Melbourne (some would say on his local golf course), started his working life as a secondary school teacher. During this period he indulged in some extended travel including the 'de rigeur' big O.E. (Overseas Experience - for our non 'down-under readers' this is considered a 'rite of passage' for many).

So, with flares, friends and some vague plans they journied from Australia to London overland using public transport - quite a feat in 1975. The 'gang' then purchased a camper van and cruised around Western Europe. Other enjoyable travel journeys were indulged in following his return to Australia.

Since joining the travel industry some 23 years ago he has explored more golf courses, along with ski slopes and hiking trails in New Zealand. Currently he co-ordinates travellers on our trade fair packages in Europe, the U.S. and Britain and some of adult small groups. Naturally, he is available if anyone is planning a golf holiday downunder and will willingly caddy for anyone that covers his costs!