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Photography Tour Moscow, St Petersburg and the Golden Ring

23 rd September 2016

Autumn is very colourful time in this part of Russia as the trees bright colours of orange, red and yellow are a strong contrast with the blue sky intermingled with the traditional onion dome spires. The trip starts in Moscow where the prime attraction is the Kremlin. Next is the Golden Ring a series of towns and villages which are full of churches, monasteries and traditional wooden houses. The last major destination is St Petersburg with its grand palaces and European look.

Our tour will allow sufficient time for photography; we will even stop the bus for that elusive photograph. Non photographers, or those with a more reduced interest in the art, will find no hindrance to the core structure and content of the tour. In fact the 'time out' and locations will only enhance the overall experience.  There will be continuing conversations on the art and techniques of photography with personal assistance from our professional travel photographer Richard Nebesky

In Moscow, the Kremlin awaits us with its various impressive cathedrals and museums. Outside, the Red Square is the picture perfect onion-domed Church of St Basils and Lenin’s Tomb, GUM department store. Further out there is plenty of Communist era architecture such as the or Moscow State University and views from Sparrow Hills. No visit to the city is complete without riding the very decorated metro system.

The Golden Ring has a series of towns where the main attractions are wooden houses, churches and monasteries. These towns are surrounded by heavily wooded forests that this time of the year are bright with autumn colours. Some of the amazing UNESCO heritage listed towns of Suzdal, Yaroslav and Vladimir are the main places we visit. There is also some charming forest scenery full of onion-domed churches.

The town of Vladimir doesn’t have much of its historical look anymore but includes several gems of Russian architecture like the Assumption Cathedral and Nativity Monastery, Cathedral of St Dmitry, Golden Gate, St George Church and Princess Convent.

Suzdal will amaze you with overwhelming amount of sights such as the intriguing wooden outdoor museum village, medieval cathedrals, Kremlin, Treasure and Icon Museum. The original highly decorated wooden cottages will leave a lasting impression. We need two days to soak all this up.

Yaroslavl being the largest town in the region has that strange mix of old and new architecture. Its skyline is dotted with onion-domes, prefabricated high rise buildings and smokestacks. Some of the most outstanding structures are Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, Church of Elijah the Prophet and the river embankment has most of the other picturesque scenes to capture like the Kremlin and Volga Bastion.

On the banks of a lake, Rostov Veliky is the gem of the Golden Ring towns as not only the charming Kremlin and beautiful monasteries but the town has a peaceful atmosphere. The Kremlin is picture perfect site as is the Monastery of St Jacob.

SergievPossad is another impressive monastery town where the walled Trinity Monastery of St Sergius is the home of many historical important churches and a museum.

St Petersburg is more like a European than Russian town established by Peter the Great as the new Russian Capital and a door into Europe. There is so much to see and one can just spend all day walking along the canals enjoying the scenery. Some of the places we will peruse are NevskyProspekt with the statue of Peter as The Bronze Horseman and the Winter Palace. Other highlights are Hermitage, Stroganov Palace, Kazan Cathedral or the Mariinsky Theatre. Outside the city we will visit Pushkin with its Amber Room at the baroque Catherine Palace. Krondstadt – a historical naval base.Last but not least is Peterhof with a series of palaces surrounded by the waterways.

Escorted by professional photographer and Russian guide book author Richard Nebesky.

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